Mott Elementary School

Animal Superalatives

1. Fastest land animal:  The cheetah 75 Miles Per Hour (M.P.H.) 
2. Fastest sea animal:  Black Marlin:  80 M.P.H.
3. Fastest animal:  Peregrine falcon:  242 M.P.H. (On a dive)
4. Slowest land animal: Sloth   0.15 M.P.H.
5. Slowest animal:  Dwarf sea horse  5 Feet Per Hour
6. Largest animal (Ever, including the dinosaurs)  Blue Whale  85 feet, 210 tons
7. Longest animal: Bootlace worm:  190 ft.
8. Loudest animal: Pistol shrimp  200 decibels when snapping its claw.
9. Longest lifespan:  Tortoise  One has been proven to live more than 250 years.
                                 Quahog clam:  Estimated over 500 years old
                                 Antarctic sponge:  1500 years
                                 ? Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish:  May be immortal (Never dies.)  It has the ability to reconstruct its molecular composition to infancy.  It can repeat this cycle indefinitely.  
10.  Shortest lifespan:  Mayfly   One day
11. Sleeping:  Most: Koala  22 hours daily
                       Least: Shark Never truly sleeps, although it does slow down its biological metabolism for periods of rest.  
12. Best eyesight:  Eagles and other raptors:  Eight times as sharp as human.
13. Best hearing:  Wax moth   15 times better than a human.
14. Best smell: Elephant  
15. Most poisonous (Poison within but doesn't bite or sting) animal:  Poison dart frog.   Has enough poison in him to kill 15 humans or 2 elephants.
16. Most venomous (Bites or stings) animal:  Box jellyfish   Sting can paralyze (And then kill)  most victims almost instantaneously. 
17. Deadliest animal: (Next to human) The mosquito   Responsible for about 725,000 deaths per year (When it bites, it transfers disease.)
18. Smartest animal (Next to human):  Chimps* (*Other primates, ravens, and the dolphin are also considered by some to be smartest)
19. Tallest animal:  Giraffe   16 -20 feet
20. Strongest animal:  Dung beetle  Can pull over 1,141 times its own weight.
21. Highest jumping animal:  Flea    It can jump 150 its own height
22. Most powerful bite:  Saltwater crocodile   3,700 pounds per square inch
23. Largest bird:  Ostrich    Can reach 9 feet   350 pounds
24.  Most electric:  Electric eel    Can deliver a 500 watt shock
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