Boil Water Advisory Lift

Please be advised that the City of Trenton has lifted its Boil Water Advisory from all Trenton Public Schools as of January 16, 2018. The notice letter can be found on the website of the City of Trenton or at this direct link

Mott Elementary School
Animal Superalatives
1. Fastest land animal:  The cheetah 75 Miles Per Hour (M.P.H.) 
2. Fastest sea animal:  Black Marlin:  80 M.P.H.
3. Fastest animal:  Peregrine falcon:  242 M.P.H. (On a dive)
4. Slowest land animal: Sloth   0.15 M.P.H.
5. Slowest animal:  Dwarf sea horse  5 Feet Per Hour
6. Largest animal (Ever, including the dinosaurs)  Blue Whale  85 feet, 210 tons
7. Longest animal: Bootlace worm:  190 ft.
8. Loudest animal: Pistol shrimp  200 decibels when snapping its claw.
9. Longest lifespan:  Tortoise  One has been proven to live more than 250 years.
                                 Quahog clam:  Estimated over 500 years old
                                 Antarctic sponge:  1500 years
                                 ? Turritopsis dohrnii jellyfish:  May be immortal (Never dies.)  It has the ability to reconstruct its molecular composition to infancy.  It can repeat this cycle indefinitely.  
10.  Shortest lifespan:  Mayfly   One day
11. Sleeping:  Most: Koala  22 hours daily
                       Least: Shark Never truly sleeps, although it does slow down its biological metabolism for periods of rest.  
12. Best eyesight:  Eagles and other raptors:  Eight times as sharp as human.
13. Best hearing:  Wax moth   15 times better than a human.
14. Best smell: Elephant  
15. Most poisonous (Poison within but doesn't bite or sting) animal:  Poison dart frog.   Has enough poison in him to kill 15 humans or 2 elephants.
16. Most venomous (Bites or stings) animal:  Box jellyfish   Sting can paralyze (And then kill)  most victims almost instantaneously. 
17. Deadliest animal: (Next to human) The mosquito   Responsible for about 725,000 deaths per year (When it bites, it transfers disease.)
18. Smartest animal (Next to human):  Chimps* (*Other primates, ravens, and the dolphin are also considered by some to be smartest)
19. Tallest animal:  Giraffe   16 -20 feet
20. Strongest animal:  Dung beetle  Can pull over 1,141 times its own weight.
21. Highest jumping animal:  Flea    It can jump 150 its own height
22. Most powerful bite:  Saltwater crocodile   3,700 pounds per square inch
23. Largest bird:  Ostrich    Can reach 9 feet   350 pounds
24.  Most electric:  Electric eel    Can deliver a 500 watt shock
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