English as a Second Language (ESL) is designed to emphasize academic support to promote success for students with limited or no proficiency in English who are taking content courses with native English speakers or are in a bilingual classroom setting.

Students review content material from their other classes and learntechniques and study skills appropriate to their language ability. Students must pay specific attention to literacy, comprehension, and composition skills in preparation for standardized tests. Students will develop their English by improving language skills in all language domains (speaking, listening, reading and writing) as well as increasing the vocabulary used in the different content areas. Students are encouraged to continue to develop skills in English while using background knowledge to enhance understanding of new concepts.

Teachers and students will use a variety of support materials while learning new strategies for organizing, applying, and evaluating content. Basic techniques will include pre-teaching of vocabulary, review of content instruction, use of sheltered English texts, notes and graphic organizers. Students may also work with peer groups, and peer tutors as they continue to develop content-based language skills. General education, bilingual and ESL teachers collaborate on planning instruction, grading, monitoring progress, and providing accommodation for student’s success.

ESL instruction helps students adjust and feel more comfortable in a new country and culture.
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