Boil Water Advisory Lift

Please be advised that the City of Trenton has lifted its Boil Water Advisory from all Trenton Public Schools as of January 16, 2018. The notice letter can be found on the website of the City of Trenton or at this direct link

Mott Elementary School
New Jersey Facts:
1. State Bird:  Eastern goldfinch
2. State fruit:  Blueberry
3. State flower:  Violet
4. State tree:  Red oak
5. State mammal:  horse
6. State fish:  Brook trout
7.  State dinosaur:  Hadrosaurus foulkii (Duck billed dinosaur)
8. State motto:  Liberty and prosperity
9. Highest population density of any state:  1,030 people per square mile
10. Largest boardwalk in the world:  Atlantic City
11. The streets in the game Monopoly were named after streets in Atlantic City.
12. First baseball game played in Hoboken NJ.
13. Largest city: Newark
14. The electric lightbulb was invented here by Thomas Edison.
15. Nickname: The Garden State 
16. 21 Counties, 566 municipalities (Towns and cities)
17.  State insect:  The honeybee
18. State capital:  Trenton, NJ
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