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New Jersey Facts:

1. State Bird:  Eastern goldfinch
2. State fruit:  Blueberry
3. State flower:  Violet
4. State tree:  Red oak
5. State mammal:  horse
6. State fish:  Brook trout
7.  State dinosaur:  Hadrosaurus foulkii (Duck billed dinosaur)
8. State motto:  Liberty and prosperity
9. Highest population density of any state:  1,030 people per square mile
10. Largest boardwalk in the world:  Atlantic City
11. The streets in the game Monopoly were named after streets in Atlantic City.
12. First baseball game played in Hoboken NJ.
13. Largest city: Newark
14. The electric lightbulb was invented here by Thomas Edison.
15. Nickname: The Garden State 
16. 21 Counties, 566 municipalities (Towns and cities)
17.  State insect:  The honeybee
18. State capital:  Trenton, NJ
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