Office of Safe Schools/Healthy Students
The Trenton Public School District is the recipient of the Safe Schools/Healthy Students Grant from The US Department of Education, Health, Human Services and Justice. The District was awarded $6,000,000 to be used over the next four years, allowing the District, in partnership with local public mental health, law enforcement and juvenile justice entities, to implement a comprehensive, community-wide plan that focuses on the following elements:
  • Safe school environments and violence prevention activities
  • Alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention activities
  • Student behavioral, social and emotional supports
  • Mental health services
  • Early childhood social and emotional learning programs
These comprehensive plans are designed to provide students, schools and families with a network of effective services, supports and activities that help students develop the skills and emotional resilience necessary to promote positive mental health, engage in pro-social behavior and prevent violent behavior and drug use; create schools and communities that are a safe, disciplined, and drug-free environment; and engage parents, community organizations and social service agencies to help develop an infrastructure that will sustain the grant components after federal funding has ended.
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