Mott Elementary School

Gershom Mott

Gershom Mott
   Mott School was named for General Gershom Mott. Mott was born in 1822 in nearby Lamberton, NJ.  He was the son of Captain John Mott who played a role in the Battle of Trenton. He received his early education at the Trenton Acadamy (Which is now the Trenton Public Library's main building.)  As with many children of the day, Mott began working at age 14 as a store clerk. Mott's military career began when he joined the army to fight in the Mexican-American War.  When the American Civil War began in 1861, Mott volunteered for the Union Army (Army of the North).  Mott was eventually promoted to general.  He participated in several major battles during the war.  During the battles, he was wounded a couple of times.  He earned a reputation for bravery and competency.  Following the Civil War, he held several jobs in New York City and around the Trenton area.  He died in 1884 and is buried nearby in Riverview Cemetery. For his services to the nation, Mott School was named for him in 1896 (Formerly  located on Centre St.).
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