Boil Water Advisory Lift

Please be advised that the City of Trenton has lifted its Boil Water Advisory from all Trenton Public Schools as of January 16, 2018. The notice letter can be found on the website of the City of Trenton or at this direct link

Gregory Elementary School
Robotics at Gregory
Lego Robotics Has Begun!
Second and third grades are exploring the question...What can scientists do to explore places that are too dangerous for humans?  They have decided they can BUILD A ROBOT.  They are building Milo the Rover to begin exploring Lego WeDo. 
Project 1
Hi my Internet friends.  My partners and I had the challenge of finding the coding commands to make the robot (or as I call it Robot Three Sixty) do different actions.  Robot Three Sixty is a robot to show people what they are capable of so if they don't believe in themselves the Robotics Club can help them.  It may be able to help you too.  Give it a try.  I hope you do try because you will have as much fun as I am! Written by N.N.   
Programming Actions
Today the Robotics Team worked in pairs to explore the Lego Mindstorm coding software.  Today's focus was on image displays and sounds.  The student engineers began a notebook, citing actions they found and jotting down notes during debugging.  Next meeting the students will be challenged to complete an image and sound task. 
Meet the Robotics Team

This year B.C Gregory is starting a new robotics team. Four talented fifth graders have been picked to build robots. Since the school is full of talented fifth graders, students had to write an essay explaining what they would do if they could bring robots to school. There were so many essays turned in that a computer program was used to randomly picked the four. And robotics was born.

The team meets every Monday and Wednesday. The computer program picked wisely because these fifth graders finished building their robots in just 3 meetings.

Now that their robots are done they will be learning how to program their robots to do actual things. That’s cooler than it sounds. I know they’re excited to do this I am one of those very talented 5th graders and I am excited. Written by A.S.

Robotics has arrived at Gregory
Thanks to generous donations from the Center for Child and Family Achievement and TPEF's Grant from Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Gregory received its first shipment of Lego Robotics today. This program, aimed at grades K-5, will prepare our students for today's digitally-demanding jobs. Gregory has joined other Trenton Public Schools in the US FIRST robotics program. 
Lego Project 1


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