Mott Elementary School
Balloon Man of Cadwalader Park
For many years, a man delighted Trenton's kids selling balloons and other small toys on Sundays at Cadwalader Park. 
A Trenton Amusement Park
Did you know that there used to be an amusement park not far from Mott School? 
Early History and Demographics
The Leni Lenape Indians lived in the area.  Trenton was first settled by Quakers led by Mahron Stacey fleeing religious persecution in England. 
Trenton, the capital of the United States
Trenton became capital of the new United States in 1784. 
Trenton Makes The World Takes
Trenton was a manufacturing giant in the late 1800s until the middle of the 1900s. 
The Battle of Trenton
George Washington's Army defeats the mighty British Army and their mercenaries in Trenton changing the course of the American Revolution. 
The Delaware River
Mott School and its community are located along the banks of the Delaware River.  Read More. 
Baseball in Trenton
Trenton has an exciting legacy when it come to our national pastime.  
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