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The Delaware River
The Delaware River is a major waterway on the east coast.  It is 419 miles long from New York State to Cape May, New Jersey.  It borders four states; New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New York.  The tidal effect on the Delaware River starts at the ocean and reaches Trenton, NJ.  This means the river will rise and fall with the tides of the Atlantic Ocean until it reaches Trenton.   Trenton, owes its existence to the Delaware River.  Trenton is located at the most northern point of the Delaware in which large boats could navigate.  The low depth and rapids starting in Trenton, did not allow ships to travel further north along the river.  Thus, Trenton became the last port along the Delaware for ocean bound ships.  Manufactured goods from the many factories located in Trenton from the 1800s to mid 1900s used the river to transport their goods around the world.
In addition to transportation, the river provides recreational opportunities such as boating, fishing, and swimming.  Like many cities in the late 1900s, Trenton realized the benefit of its location next to a large river.  Waterfront Park was built along its shores.  Trenton has two parks located along the Delaware.  The river and its adjoining canal provide drinking water for the city.
The river occasionally shows its angry side.  Major floods have occurred along the river every few decades.  But for the most part, the Delaware River is a beautiful asset to the City of Trenton.  A gem that its residents can enjoy.
Credit:  Photos and facts from Wikopedia
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