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The 1955 Flood
   After a long stretch of drought (Dry weather), Trenton received almost 3 inches of rain in August of 1955.  This was just the start of things to come.  Next came two hurricanes within a week which combined to produce over a foot of rain.  Trenton was then to fall victim to the wrath (anger) of the normally peaceful Delaware River.  

      The city's streets turned into rivers as the rushing waters of the Delaware overflowed their banks.  Hundreds of houses were flooded with several feet of water.  Furniture was floating down the roads.  Bridges were wiped out.  Many people had to be evacuated.  Boats were the only way to travel in neighborhoods adjoining the Delaware River.  
   After the water resided (went down), there was a massive cleanup of mud and debris.  The storm caused 200 deaths in the northeast and three in Mercer County.  It took many months before many city residents could return to their homes.
   If you know an older person who lived in Trenton in 1955, ask them about their experience during this wrath of Mother Nature. 
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