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A whale in Trenton

   When one thinks of whales, Trenton is not a place that comes to mind.  However, a young beluga whale visited our city in 2005.  He was spotted near the Trenton marina.  "Beluga" comes from the Russian word for "white" which is the whale's color.  He brought out many curious visitors to the area.  Scientist feel that he either got disoriented or was chasing a school of herring.  Belugas are not usually found in fresh water.  The scientist were fearful of any effects on the whale from being away from the salty ocean water.  After several unsuccessful attempts by humans to guide the whale back out to sea, the beluga eventually made it back on its own.  A beluga's home is usually in the cold arctic waters, so it was a rare site for the whale to choose to visit Trenton. 

(Actual photo above)

Source of information and photo 1: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/7486673/ns/us_news-environment/t/whale-still-hanging-out-delaware-river/#.Vs0c9cc0sVs
Photo 2: http://the-animals-planet.blogspot.com/2013/05/beluga-whale.html

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