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? The Mysterious House ??
   One breezy morning, four kids were walking to school. 
"You guys, did you know that Old Man Jenkins passed away two days ago?" asked Kate.
"Yeah, I heard he fell down the stairs and got a very bad blister on his back," said Riley.
"Uhh, who's Old Man Jenkins," asked Jeff.
"Jeff, Old Man Jenkins was an eighty year old man who was very mean!" said Jack.
"Every time you stepped on his yard, he came out and yelled at you, he would take anything you left behind, and tells you to scram," said Riley.
"OK, OK!" said Jeff.
"Hey, how about we investigate Old Man Jenkin's house at 8:00 o'clock tonight? asked Kate.
"Yeah," yelled Riley, Jeff, and Jack.
"Then it's settled, make sure you bring flashlights, OK," said Kate.
"OK," exclaimed the rest of the gang. 

The four kids arrived at school, and time went by FAST!  Faster than a flash.

It was 7:59 and the four kids were at Old Man Jenkin's house.  It was a dark night and the wind was howling.  The screech of an owl could be heard in the distance.
"Here it is, Old Man Jenkin's house!" said Riley in a frightened voice.
"I changed my mind, I don't want to be here anymore," said Jeff.
"No, we're going to stay here," remarked Kate.
"Fine!" exclaimed Jeff.
"Come on, let's go in the house and get this over with," yelled Jeff.

The kids ran in the house and it was SPOOKY!!
"P.U.!! this house has a horrible odor!" said Riley.
"Exactly, he probably didn't put on any deodorant the day he died!" said Kate.

"OK, what are we going to do here?" asked Jack.
"Investigate!!" said Kate.

   The gang was going up the stairs when they heard a noise.
"Ah, what's that?" said Jeff while starting to shake with fear.
"It's probably just the wind," said Kate.
"Uh! Kate, I don't think so!" said Riley in a scared voice.

   The gang looked behind them and it was Old Man Jenkins!! (Or his ghost??)  The kids screamed and ran to get out of the house as quickly as they could.  But while they were running, all the lights turned on and off. 
"AAAAHH!!" said the gang.

The End

   "Bravo! That was such a wonderful story," said Mrs. Violet.
"Thanks, we put a lot of effort into it, and humor!" said Jack.
"Yeah," said Jeff.
"Now it's time to announce the winners of the short story contest.......Riley, Jack, Jeff, and Kate!" exclaimed Ms. Violet.
"Woo-hoo! yelled the four kids.
"Yes! we finally WON!" yelled Kate.
"Ha, Ha, Ha,!" said Riley.
Ringgg!! went the bell.
"Have a fun summer vacation everyone!!" yelled Ms. Violet.

On the way home, Jeff remarked to the others, "I thought that story was real,"
"Well, my neighbor died a week ago, but I always hear a ruckus in there!" said Riley.
"You know what that means," said Kate, "the mysterious four go and explore!"

(Organ plays)  Dun...Dun, Dun, Dun!!

The End .... or is it?

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