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Tiger at Twilight (Book Report)
   The story is about a girl named Annie and a boy named Jock.  They went on an adventure to a forest in India.  They saw a lot of animals and saved some.  They saw a tiger, snake, monkeys, peacocks, birds, deer, elephants, a rhino, and a dog named Teddy.
    My favorite part of the story is when they saved the tiger.  I liked that part  because the tiger would of been killed and wouldn't have survived.

   The funny part in the story is when Annie clapped and said we come in peace. It was funny because it's like if Annie was talking to a person.
   The interesting part was when they saved the tiger because I didn't know that part was coming.  I thought that they were going to be afraid of the tiger.
   I have a connection when Annie and Jack saved the tiger.  Once my sister, my cousins, and I were walking around the block.  We saw a dog and took it to its owner.  I felt good.  How would you feel if you did that?

The End
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