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Afternoon on the Amazon (Book Report)
     Afternoon On the Amazon is written by Mary Pope Osborne.  Mary is also illustrator of the book.  Now I will describe the book.
   One day a boy named Jack and his sister Annie went to a tree house in the woods.  The tree house turned out to be magical and it travels in the setting.  Annie has a mouse named Peanut.  
   Next, Jack finds a book called The Rain Forest.  Once Jack starts reading the story, the tree house spins and goes to a rainforest that has trees above 150 ft. and  giant bugs.  Then, Jack and Annie go down the treehouse, but then millions of ants came.  The ants were like an army.  
   After that, Jack and Annie went in a canoe and Jack took out his notebook and wrote about what the Amazon Rainforest was like.  But then they had trouble with monkeys.  A monkey threw fruit at them.  Last, Jack wrote about the Amazon River being amazing.

The End
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