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   Pluto use to be the furthest planet from the sun (Most of the time).  However in 2006, Pluto was demoted to a "dwarf" planet.  This cold and lonely body is usually the furthest from the sun (Occasionally Neptune, and even Uranus,  are closer to the sun than Pluto due to the planet's elliptical "or oval" orbit.)  Pluto was named for the Roman God of the underworld.  It is the second smallest planet next to Mercury.  It was the last planet to be discovered after first being identified in 1930.  The spaceship "New Horizons" made a fly by of Pluto for the first time last year (2015) sending back to Earth the first close-up pictures of this mysterious body.  Pluto takes about 248 Earth years to orbit the Sun.  Where it lies in the solar system today is where it was in 1768, before America became a country.  Pluto has four moons.  Pluto is about 2,796 million miles from the sun (Earth is 93 million miles from the sun.)  Do you feel that Pluto should once again be a planet?  Many people do and some have waged a campaign to regain Pluto's full planetary status again.

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