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TPS Lead Press Release

 Our School District is committed to the health of our students and staff. To protect our community and be in compliance with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) regulations, the Trenton Public Schools (District) recently tested our schools’ drinking water for lead.


In June 2016, the District initiated its drinking water testing based on protocol established in accordance NJDEP regulations and guidelines.   The goal was to establish a Lead in Water (LIW) sampling program to determine if the potable water systems in the facilities exceed regulatory lead levels. On August 16, 2016, the District applied new NJDOE’s LIW clarified testing requirements to its collection and testing protocols.  On August 23, 2016, the District also made sure that the testing was conducted in accordance with NJDEP’s “Lead Drinking Water Sampling Plan” guidelines.

 The District also followed the technical guidance developed by NJDEP in compiling a plumbing profile for all schools with the exception of two schools, Hedgepeth -Williams and Robeson, as those schools are undergoing renovations involving upgrades to the water distribution system. The District also identified and tested all drinking water and food preparation outlets.  In instances where results above the action level were identified, the District implemented interim remediation strategies such as taking the faucet off line, or permanent, replacement of plumbing components to address identified problems. This work took place while the sampling program continued.   


In accordance with regulations, the District also implemented immediate remedial measures for any drinking water outlet with a result greater than the action level of 15 micrograms per liter (µg/l) or parts per billion (ppb).  This included turning off the outlet unless it was determined the location must remain on for non-drinking purposes.  In those instances, a “DO NOT DRINK – SAFE FOR HANDWASHING ONLY” sign has been posted.

 Copies of the results for each school are now posted at the school and all results are also available in our central office for inspection between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and anytime on the District’s website. For more information about water quality in our schools, contact Mr. Dwayne C. Mosley, Facilities Administrator at the Building & Grounds Department at (609) 656-5453.


For more information on the health effects of lead, visit EPA’s Website at, and NJDEP’s Website at:, or call the National Lead Information Center at 800-424-LEAD, or contact your health care provider.