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Wildest Dreams
Wildest Dreams   One beautiful night when the crickets were singing, I was reading a book about designs from the past when I dozed off.  Suddenly, I found myself in a weird, magical dream.  

   I dreamt I was skipping on a rainbow.  I saw a floating cloud so I cautiously walked toward it.  Then the cloud lowered itself to my height so I jumped on it.  The cloud began to dance across the sky.  Then it took me to a rainbow beach as beautiful as a bag of Skittles.  

   While I was dancing on the warm rainbow sand, I came across a glowing box.  I carefully walked towards it  The box looked like a Jack-In-The-Box.  I slowly turned the knob and POP!  Out came a pretty fairy dressed in glittery gold garments.  The fairy told me her name was Butterfly and that she was from a magical town named Oreoville.  Then she informed me that I was granted three wishes because I helped my elderly neighbor straighten up her house.  I got so excited that I wanted to flip 1,000 times.  Butterfly told me that I was granted three wishes but, the three wishes had to be a thing, a happening, and a place.

   So I said, "A thing that I have always wanted is a dog because I would like something to play with and enjoy.  Dogs are so ecstatically happy and playful.  They are as energized as the Energizer Bunny."

   For my second wish I told Butterfly, "I wanted the whole world to get along and stop killing one another."
"And why is that?" Butterfly gracefully asked.
I said I want that to happen so we could have a peaceful world and we would not have to worry about killers and thieves.

   For the last wish, I was instructed to think of a place I would like to go.  Well I wanted to go to Las Vegas.  Butterfly asked why.  
I explained, "I want to go to Las Vegas because I heard that it is really fun there.  I want to go there to enjoy my time and my life while I am still young.  Playing arcade games, meeting new friends, and having a good adventure like any kid would desire."
So Butterfly said she was going to grant all three wishes.

   When I woke up the next morning, I was in an unfamiliar house.  I looked out the window and saw a sign that said, "WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VEGAS, NEVADA."

   Then I saw a dog bed with a golden retriever lying on it.  When he saw me he jumped on me.  "Arf, Arf," the dog barked after running towards me.
I named the dog Buddy and then I played fetch with him a little bit.  

   Next I woke my mom up and asked her if we could go to Walmart and she said yes.  While we were driving I noticed that there were no gun shops selling weapons in the area.  The news had no stories of killing or violence.  I was so happy.  I was as joyful as a puppy playing with a chew toy that Butterfly granted my three wishes.  

   To this day, every time I have a dream, Butterfly appears in it and we always enjoy the dreams we have together.  We will be friends happily ever after in Las Vegas with my family and Buddy.

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