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Sunset of the Sabertooth (Book Report)
Sunset of the Sabertooth (Book Report)   One afternoon after swim class, Annie suggested that she and Jack should go to the tree house.  Jack said that he wanted to go change.
But Annie said, "Don't you want to save Morgan?"
Jack said, " Yeah, but... ."
Jack paused for a second.
"Then let's go," said Annie.

Inside the tree house was Peanut waiting for Jack and Annie to come.
"Hi Peanut," said Annie.
Jack walked to the book that was open.  It said, "The Ice Age."
In the picture below it showed snow and rocks.
"I love snow.  I wish we could go there," said Annie.

   Annie and Jack then magically appeared in the Ice Age.  They saw people called Cro-Magnons.  Annie and Jack left the tree house and put Peanut inside of Jack's backpack.  They walked inside a cave and saw animal bones on the floor.  Jack found out that it was a bear's cave so they ran out of  the cave.

   Then they saw another cave and went inside.  They saw reindeer skin coats and a fire place.  Annie grabbed a coat and put it on, Jack did the same. Then they made little stone lamps and used them to light the way as they went through a passageway that led to a wall.  The wall had little painted pictures that looked like animals and their sorcerer. 

   Annie and Jack then went back to the backpack to check on Peanut, but she wasn't there!!  Annie saw little footprints but they disappeared.  They saw a saber tooth tiger so they ran to go hide, but they fell into a trap.  Luckily a sorcerer found them and helped them out of the hole.  Annie was the first out of the hole and then she helped Jack up. Then they thanked the sorcerer.

   Then they saw that a mammoth and Peanut were pulling them up.  Then the sorcerer helped them get on top of the mammoth and then gave Jack his flute.  As the mammoth was walking, he spotted the saber tooth tiger.  They tried to escape but they were trapped.  Annie told jack to play the flute until the saber tooth left and it worked.  They kept walking until they got to the tree house.  They said their goodbyes and went home.  When they got home they gathered their things and went into their house.
Then they shouted, "We're home and what's for dinner?"

The End