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Three Wishes

Written by Gian G.     5th Grade

   On a cold, chilly day, I decided that I wanted to cook Chinese chili. So I looked up how to prepare it. When I was finishing up my chili, I heard a voice saying "HELP!"  but I thought I was just hearing things so I continued cooking my chili until the water started to sizzle, SPLASH!  A baby tiger popped out of the boiling chili pot!

  "Thank you for saving me from that sauna," said the tiger," I was trapped inside there.

   "You're welcome," I said.

   "For helping me escape from that sauna, I grant you three special wishes but choose wisely," said the tiger.

   My first wish is something that I want, so I wish for tickets to Copa America - a soccer tournament.  I really want tickets to Copa America because it would be a cool experience to see my nation "Ecuador" play in an important tournament.  There's a chance that I could see some of the professional soccer players on my trip to Copa America.   It would be a memory to keep in my mind forever.

   For my second wish, I hope that I get to see my grandma in person.  It would be amazing if I could see her.  We could do awesome things like go see cool sights like the gigantic Empire State Building or we could play traditional Ecuadorian games.  That would be amazing if that wish comes true, but if it doesn't, my eyes will leak my tears.

   My final wish is that I get invited to the set of Star Wars Episode 8!  If I really get invited the first thing I'll do is meet Mark Hamill A.K.A. Luke Skywalker because he's my favorite character.  Also it would be awesome to see the best ship in the galaxy that is as big as an elephant.  It is called the Millennium Falcon and it belongs to the best pilot in the galaxy, Han Solo, along with the amazing and funny Bacca warrior, ChewBacca.   It would be a memory to remember.

   "Have you chosen your wishes?" asked the tiger.

   "Yes, I have," I replied.

   "Good, now your wishes are going to come true in the morning. but first can you nicely hand me a bowl of delicious chili?" asked the tiger.

   I replied, "Sure, why not."

   In the morning, I checked my mail and I saw a letter that said, "You have been picked from the Star Wars' fan page to take a trip to Hollywood to become a Storm Trooper in the set of Star Wars Episode 8!"  I was freaking out.  Five minutes later my beautiful grandma arrived from Ecuador to visit, but there was a problem, her bags weighed more than a car.  One hour later, a man dressed in a football uniform arrived.

   He said, "Congratulations!"  You were picked from the State of New Jersey to receive four expensive and rare tickets to see the one hundredth anniversary of the Copa America!"

   "This is awesome!" I screamed.  "Thank you tiger, you made my long awaited dreams come true.

The End

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Posted Thursday, February 4, 2016