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Our Long Journey
Our Long JourneyIt would take trillions of years at the speed of light,
To cross the universe in a long space flight.
They say the distance across space is so vast,
But didn't they say this about planet Earth in the past.
It hasn't been so long ago,
Since people traveled oh so slow.
No planes, no cars, just horses for power.
A world that moved slowly, less than ten miles per hour.
But now we have jets that travel at such tremendous pace,
In less than a day we can get to anyplace.
With high speed modems and internet,
Across the world, many friends I've met.
We've written notes and communicate,
About our lives and Harry Potter's fate.
I guess it's a small world after all,
We're just one people on a spinning ball.
But just as today's world was yesterday's science fiction,
An H.G. Wells or Julius Verne book edition.
Will the universe become smaller too?
Will Mars be the place my grandkids go to school,
Will intergalactic travel be soon in line,
Will space aliens be friends of mine.
It's a fast changing world I must admit,
Everything changes in just an instant.
So I study hard so I can be,
Ready for the future and its technology.
Maybe I'll be the first person on Mars,
Or design a rocket that goes to the stars.
I may travel at the speed of light,
And make it to the Neptune Hilton on a business flight.
In a world that changes in a blink of an eye,
I know I must work hard so I can get by.
And I'll need parents, teachers, and friends of mine along the way,
For technology has led many people astray.
For who knows what the future holds for me,
But I'll be ready, that you can see.